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Love, Like & Hate


A little survey game for your students to use the gerund forms of verbs and understand the use of love, like and hate verbs.

 (Download links below)


  • Using Gerunds in an authentic way in the class.
  • Students learn and have fun at the same time
  • Making a little survey about any subject you want


  • First you need to print out the stickers (LOVE, LIKE, HATE, DON’T LIKE) on self-adhesive papers that you can find at most of the stationery stores.


(PS: Print as many as your student number. Each picture has 48 stickers on them)

(PS 2: Each of the sticker pictures is in A4 size. So you can print each picture on an A4)

  • The hardest part is cutting them to make 48 stickers out of one A4.

(PS 3: But don’t forget to leave a little triangle on each sticker to make it easier to remove the sticky part.)

(PS 4: If you have a printing house that can make laser-cut stickers that would be much easier for you.)

  • Then put the stickers in different 4 boxes, in order to keep them organized

(PS 5: If you don’t have boxes in enough numbers or sizes you can use plastic cups they are so practical to use!) 

  • After getting ready the stickers, you can print out the options for students to vote. Don’t forget you also need to print out the word file in order to describe the action in the pictures!


  • You will need a notice board to pin these pictures on it. And some blank papers below them to stick the stickers in order to avoid permanent harm on the notice board.
  • You can use a portable notice board if you have one. That would be a little less chaos in front of it.



  1. Game Rules
  • Each student has only 4 stickers, one from each.
  • Students have to be honest with their choices in order this survey to be reliable.
  • If students can’t see the answer for one of their stickers, they can pass on using them. Pushing them to use all of them on limited options will decrease the reliability.
  1. The Game

  • After you prepared the notice board, whether one in the corridors or one in class. You will need students got to the board and stick their stickers. When walking with grade-schoolers, students may feel confused or over-excited. To prevent any chaos you may show the option / pictures beforehand to students so that they will be ready and decided what to vote / choose.
  • After that either with a little group or one by one if you have time you can send your students to the notice board to use their stickers. But don’t forget, later each students should make a sentence about these choices like; I like playing football (but) I hate playing chess. Or you can make some buddies to use third singular person; –She doesn’t like drinking coke. -He loves playing computer games.
  • After you are finished with one class you can also make a little survey for the class to see what they like or don’t like most.
  • When you are finished the survey with all your classes you can announce the results to students.
  • And next time when you are planning an activity for the students you will have an idea about what to do or not to do!



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