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Never Have I Ever


Typical Never Have I Ever game but using for learning and reinforcing Present Perfect Tense. Played with paddles to answer. There are only two answers in this game.

(Download links below)


  • Using Present Perfect Tense in an authentic way in the class.
  • Students interact with the V3 forms of the verbs.
  • After the game students use PPT to create new questions.



  • First you need to print out the paddles (I HAVE & I HAVE NEVER)


(PS: Print as many as you want but be careful about being them equal in number)

(PS 2: Each of the paddles is in A4 sizes, if you want you can print both of them in a A4 too.)

 Cut out the paddles and remove the white parts.

  • Then you need to glue them back to back in order to make one out of two with two faces.
  • Later you can either laminate them (in a4 size) in order for them to be everlasting.

(PS 3: If you don’t have the chance to laminate them, then simply put a hard cardboard between the two faces before gluing them together.)

 After lamination don’t forget to cut out the unneeded parts.



  1. Game Rules
  • Whoever has a paddle in her/his hand has to answer all the questions!
  • Whoever plays the game should be 100% honest! (Don’t forget: what happens in the class stays in the class.)


  1. The Game
  • Open the power point presentation file, in order not to show the students questions beforehand first 5 slides are the same. But don’t worry all of them are hidden except one, so you don’t need to click so many times but once when you start the slide show.


  • After the game wallpaper, there are 26 questions. All of them are appropriate for 8th graders’ levels both academically and ethically.


  • During the game either you can choose a number of students to play with you or if you printed out enough paddles for the class you can play it altogether. But you too have to play in the game in order to show them that you too being honest in the game so there is nothing to be afraid of! This way even you can create a bond with the class if you haven’t yet!
  • When you go through the slides do not hurry just give them some time to think and hesitate. Actually these hesitations mostly the funniest part.
  • If one of the students or you give an unexpected answer, you can ask /give little explanations. But if not wanted no further questions or force permitted.
  • After the game you can ask the class to prepare their own questions to make another game in the following lessons! The more classes you have the funnier the questions get.



For more questions you can see the links below:




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