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Phone Conversation Game


A fun and interactive hands-on activity or fun time game as whatever you call it. Although getting prepared might be a little troublesome and needs a remarkable amount of time, if will be worth it at the end. Students are will be able to make phone conversations whether formal or informal with their friends according to formats.

ATTENTION: During this game you will need a smartboard that you can stick you magnet-glued speech bubbles. If you don’t have one, you can use glue pads (removable adhesives) on a dashboard that you can hang around the class.

(Download links below)


  • Handling formal and informal phone conversations
  • Interactive teaching for permanent learning



  • First you need to print out the speech bubbles (caller & receiver) preferably with colourful inks..

(PS: You are given some basic phrases. Students are expected to complete the rest with their creativity.)

(PS 2: Yet if needed, to add new phrases there are also some blank speech bubbles that you can fill yourself.)

  •  Cut out each speech bubbles.

(PS 3: You are given A4 pictures of them grouped to be printed. Directly print them out.)

(PS 4: There are also some caller & receiver IDs you might want to use. Because students love it when they can be whoever they want during the roleplay.)

  • You need to laminate all the speech bubbles and caller IDs. Don’t forget if you use A4 lamination binders, you need as many binders as how many A4 prints you got.
  • Now you need to cut out the speech bubbles and caller IDs again. Be careful not to cut so close to the air space near the paper in order for it to last longer.
  • When all of you speech bubbles and caller IDs are ready, cut little square refrigerator magnets to glue to their backs.

(PS 5: You can use the restaurant advertisements; they are perfect for their thinness.)

  • If you want you can sort them by colour (blue: caller; green: receiver) in order to be more organized and save time.
  • Now all you need to make or buy 2 fixed line phones to make the roleplay more realistic.



  1. Game Rules
  • Students need to abide to the basic rules and phrases during the conversations.
  • Students will probably make funny and ridiculous excuses over the phone, but they should always be in respectful manners.


  1. The Game
  • Before beginning the game you can show your students some authentic phone conversations. I can suggest you 2 good videos for this. Although these are in cartoon format an also has a roleplay at the end of them, students still love it.

(PS 6: The videos are also included in the file below for you to download in case you are having troubles about internet connection at your school.)


  • When you are ready with you materials and such, select 2 students randomly or solely by volunteering to come to the board.
  • First they need to select a caller ID and a name that they would come up with. At this stage they are also going to decide who is going to be the caller and who is the receiver.
  • Then they need to decide whether it is going to be a formal or informal conversation.
  • Then the caller and receiver will make phone dialling and ringing sounds if they want of course.
  • After that they are going to start the conversation with the speech bubbles that are on a table in front of them.
  • As they select a speech bubble, they need to read it aloud in order to make it heard in the class then stick it to the board under their caller IDs. This will make a WhatsApp similar view for students to understand better.
  • When finished go on with another pair of students.



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