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Vocabulary Quiz Game [Friendship]


A quiz game based on TEOG Exam (Upturn in English) first unit Friendship vocabularies. Although there are only 20 words for this game, you can create newer versions with new 20 words.

(Download links below)


  • Peer to peer learning
  • Unit vocabulary revision
  • Students learn and have fun at the same time



  • First you need to print out game board templates papers preferably with colourful ink.

(PS: Each game board will be belongs to one group, you can either print the same pattern for all the groups or a different one for each groups.)

  • Actually all the pictures are in A4 size but I assume there will be some blank spaces at the edges when you print them. So you might need to trim them a little, but if you don’t want it still will be OK.
  • You need to laminate all of the game boards in order for them to be useful.
  • When you are finished with your laminations, you also need some little board markers. I bought mines from NT and İnkılab from Fatih. You can either select different colours or just simply go with black or blue.



(PS 2: Be careful whatever brand it is, the erasers on the cap doesn’t work very well on lamination and may leave marks. But you can clean them with wet wipes! Although wet wipes may leave the lamination a little wet, I prefer using it at the end of the game. During the game students use tissues.)



  1. Game Rules
  • Students needs to discuss their opinions but they need to be silent enough to not to be heard by other groups.
  • Students have to hold up their answers the second their time is up.
  • Students can’t write their answers after the given time.
  • Only the selected writers are responsible for writing, nobody else should interfere.
  1. The Gamescreenshot_2017-01-31-18-50-21
  • First group students in to equal numbered and homogenous groups.
  • Hand out the game boards and the markers to the groups, and explain the rules clearly.

(PS 3: I usually give 15 seconds per word that give the students enough time to discuss and write their answer. But when I did with 30 seconds students used the extra time to cheat and see other groups’ answers. So 15 is perfect !)

  • Tell students to find a group name or you give each group a number and tell them to write these on their boards where they won’t erase. These will stay till the end of the game for t-you to keep up with them while scoring.


  • After that each group should select a writer, to avoid any chaos during the game.
  • When everyone is ready, open the power point and hold you phone faced to class showing the timer, set to 15 seconds.
  • Start with the first vocabulary and give the time to your students to write. After 15 seconds tell them to hold up their
  • First give the correct answer then tell the groups’ names / numbers that has the correct answer.
  • Then according to answers fill your score table with + or – to follow the scores.

(PS 4: If you want and have an extra student you can give this job to a student, while you are taking care of the time and the slides. During the 15 seconds breaks you / student can fill the group members part so that later you can use these for reference for your grading)

  • When you are finished announce the scores and the winners. If you want you can give a prize for the winners to create positive reinforcement.


Note: If you want to download different patterns for the game boards go to here and here.



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