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EXPLANATION A fun and interactive hands-on activity for students to learn while matching the pictures. Although getting prepared might be a little troublesome and needs a remarkable amount of time, if will be worth it at the end. Students usually have problems in computer parts’ Turkish names too, so with this activity they will be…… Continue reading

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Vocabulary Quiz Game [Friendship]

EXPLANATION A quiz game based on TEOG Exam (Upturn in English) first unit Friendship vocabularies. Although there are only 20 words for this game, you can create newer versions with new 20 words. (Download links below) AIM OF THE GAME Peer to peer learning Unit vocabulary revision Students learn and have fun at the same…… Continue reading Vocabulary Quiz Game [Friendship]

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Never Have I Ever

EXPLANATION Typical Never Have I Ever game but using for learning and reinforcing Present Perfect Tense. Played with paddles to answer. There are only two answers in this game. (Download links below) AIM OF THE GAME Using Present Perfect Tense in an authentic way in the class. Students interact with the V3 forms of the…… Continue reading Never Have I Ever